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​The Vortex Stud was founded in 1989 by Robert and Ellen Hooper with their son Daniel later coming onto the farm.  The farm is situated at Goorambat East, Victoria. Vortex White Suffolks began with a base of Suffolk and Poll Dorset sheep which included Suffolk genetics from the USA to increase the size and length of the sheep. Vortex sheep were a regular at many of the major shows including Melbourne, Adelaide, Bendigo and Geelong which produced many champions for the stud including a supreme champion at Adelaide in 1996. While we no longer participate in showing, the quality still remains. Genetics are constantly sourced from top studs and rams around the country through ram purchases and an AI program to ensure our clients receive the highest quality genetics.  

In 2013 the first Charollais lambs hit the ground as we embarked on adding a new breed to our stud. Using pure Charollais genetics over White Suffolk ewes to start the breed off, we have since then we have been increasing the breed’s purity to produce a stronger Charollais type while keeping the beneficial traits gained from the White Suffolk such as extra length and frame.

Vortex sheep are bred to cover all bases with a focus on fertility, structure, hardiness and easy lambing
as well as producing a high value and fast finishing lamb.  We aim to create less work, less losses and greater productivity for our clients and ourselves.

We are brucellosis accredited and all our stock are OJD vaccinated (since 2005) with Gudair.  We vaccinate all our sheep with Glanvac 6.  In 2020 we also commenced using Eryvac and Campyvax to make sure our farm's health is at the highest level possible,

Natural breeding is encouraged with our flock which has resulted in hardy animals which need very little assistance.  We understand that farmers are very busy and there are always jobs to be done and the importance of minimizing work at lambing time by breeding low maintenance sheep is important as that helps us all get on with other jobs.  Artificial Insemination and ram purchases from as far as South Australia, all around Victoria and New South Wales have been a strong influences on our stud when it comes to bringing in improved genetics.  LAMBPLAN has been a valuable tool for us but is not the sole focus of our breeding program with visual traits and structure being very important to us.





R, E & D Hooper

1093 Benalla-Yarrawonga Road

Goorambat, Victoria, Australia, 3725

Daniel: 0437 684786

Robert: 0428 641296

E-Mail: vortex.ws@bigpond.com