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White Suffolks

White Suffolks

We aim to produce a sheep that is industry leading in its length and size while maintaining a good structure for easy lambing and durability. Good muscling and growth produce prime trade and export lambs with the flexibility to produce premium early finishing sucker lambs or heavy weight lambs. Tight wool and clean points produce lambs that are stay clean and sappy and have good skin values. White Suffolks are hard working rams with good fertility and libido. They are ideal over first cross ewes and many of our clients are having great success over merinos.
White Suffolk Genetics are sourced wide and far from as far as South Australia, New South Wales and all around Victoria to keep a high standard in our flock.



Aroona Park 5155096 purchased at the 2016 Bendigo Elite White Suffolk Show & Sale was the top priced ram.




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