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We have recently started a Charollais stud with the first lambs hitting the ground in 2013.  We have used pure Charollais genetics over White Suffolk ewes to start the breed off. Since then we have been increasing the breed’s purity to produce a stronger Charollais type while keeping the beneficial traits gained from the White Suffolk such as extra length and frame. 

Charollais are one of the top terminal sires in the UK and Europe.  They are relatively new to Australia and with strict quarantine laws for importing genetics from outer countries it makes them fairly rare although popularity in both Australia and New Zealand is rapidly growing.  The breed exhibits excellent muscling through the hindquarters and loin and produce very high meat yields and dressing out percentage.  They are clean on the points and breach and have short tight wool that produces a lamb that stays sappy longer.

They have grown popularity due to their very easy lambing and ability to be used safely over any breed and any age ewe.  While they are borne small there is no sacrifice in finishing speed and end product value which makes them a safe, profitable and low maintenance terminal sire.  Lambs grow very quickly and finish as a prime product with excellent eating quality and weights.  They are ideal over the hooks but stand up very well in the saleyards as well. 

Charollais rams are very fertile and hard working with a great libido. Charollais tend to produce a lot of multiple births and have great survivability which results in high percentages. 

Charollais have become very popular to join over Merinos, ewe lambs, maidens and old ewes who require an easier lambing and smaller birth weights. 



Charollais Lambs, one has been used as a stud ram



2019 drop Charollail Lambs at Weaning


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